Previous Steering Committees

We wish to acknowledge the hard work and time spent by previous Steering Committees building our organization into the vibrant and active group it is today.

(CWG=Communication Working Group, CSWG=Career Support Working Group, WWG=Welcome Working Group)

Chair: Banu Chediek
Co-chair: Teresa Lago
Treasurer: Pascal Commovick
CWG: Rosalía Galan
CSWG: Saionara König-Reis
WWG: Nada Pottinger

Chair: Michelle Negreros
Co-chair: Florina Aldeas
Treasurer: Carlos Martinez
CWG: Clare Robertson
CSWG: Ruwanthika Geeganage
WWG: Annette Wolter/Nada Pottinger

Chair: Olivier Caudron
Co-chair: Michelle Negreros
Treasurer: Francesca De Cesare
CWG: Julia Tilinga
CSWG: Cristina Bertarelli
WWG: Florina Aldea

Chair: Olivier Caudron
Co-chair: Michelle Negreros
Treasurer: Teresa Sola
CWG: Paul Henderson
CSWG: Elizabeth Nash
WWG: Florina Aldea

Chair: Angela Bamblett
Co-chair: Teresa Sola
Treasurer: Francesse Bertrand
CWG: Sirkku Lakkonen
CSWG: Dorian Lacombe
WWG: Olivier Caudron

Chair: Mayank Jain
Co-chair: Lora Davis & Dorian Lacombe
Treasurer: Elsa Begne
CWG: Sirkku Lakkonen
CSWG: Ravi Kumar Gandham
WWG: Teresa Sola