Work Permits and Documentation

SSN (Social Security Number)

A Social Security Number (SSN) is the 9-digit number issued to citizens, permanent residents and temporary working residents. To a large extent, the SSN has become a national identification number even though its initial primary purpose was that of tracking individuals for taxation purposes. It allows you to apply for a driver’s license or obtain a post-paid mobile phone. You might be requested to provide a SSN to rent, buy or lease a vehicle, rent an apartment, buy a house or apply for credit.

To apply for a SSN, you must appear in person at your local Social Security Office with the following:

  • Completed application form:
  • Valid Passport
  • Copy of both sides of the I—94 form, downloadable from gov/I94
  • For F Visa bearers, your I—20
  • For J Visa bearers, your IAP—66 (pink copy)
  • Verification of your employment authorization (work permit)

Work Permit for G-4 visa holders

Spouses holding G-4 visas are authorized to work for the United Nations and Missions to the United Nations without obtaining a work permit. You also have the right to work outside UN and obtain employment on the US job market. If you are not a citizen or a legal permanent resident, you need to apply for an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) to prove that you may work in the USA. If you don’t have an EAD, your future employer will have to sponsor you. More information on EADs may be found here: You can apply for a work permit either as a self-employed person in your field of expertise, or after you have found a job and the employer is willing to provide you with a letter of intent to hire for that purpose. NYLESA’s group of Work Permit Experts can also offer advice for special cases.

Getting a work permit

First, have your spouse/staff member print out the instructions for applying for a work permit on the official UN visa website found on iSeek  (UN intranet information site) > Quick Links under forms then visas. >   P.320 (Work Permit for Spouses Holding G-4 Visas).  All information there is updated regularly. The work permit process takes about 4 weeks. You can also download the needed forms from

All issues related to work permits involving the US Mission to the UN are processed through the UN office of Visa Committee/LDSD/OHRM (Tel: (212) 963-7092). This office also provides UN staff members with advice regarding the application process. may also be able to help. The application for the work permit or EAD must be submitted to the UN Office of Visa Committee/LDSD/OHRM in two copies, including:

  • Form I-566
  • Form I-765
  • Two color passport size (2 inch x 2 inch) photographs with a light background.
  • Copy of G4 Visa
  • Copy of both sides of the I-94 form, downloadable from: gov/I94
  • Copy of the biographic page of your national passport.
  • A statement of self-employment. The letter must include the educational background of the applicant, his/her past experience, the work to be performed, the salary to be earned and the targeted clientele OR If you have found an employer other than yourself, your new employer must submit, to the same office, a statement (job offer) that describes the position offered, duties to be performed, the salary offered and hours to be worked. The statement must also include telephone number, name and original signature of the person making the offer.

If your employment will not be with the UN, you will have to pay US taxes on the amount earned. Keep all your paperwork safely so that your tax return can be filed with the IRS at the appropriate time (normally, April 15 of each year). Work Permits need to be renewed annually and will not be done unless your taxes have been paid.

If, after reading these instructions you have any questions or need advice, please send an email with the subject heading "Work Permit" to We will endeavor to help the UN office concentrate on processing permits while we you with FAQs.

Work permit applications are handled by the Visa Committee located at 304 45th Street FF building, 6th Floor, Rm. FF-656.  Please contact Ms. Anne Marie Gloznek at 917-367 2095, or Ms. Rula Eid-Greco at 212-963 7092, email to get the latest details on how to submit your application.   


Note: All work permit issues with US Mission to UN are processed through the office of UN HR Services/LDSD. 

Work permit for Self-employed

If you plan to work as a consultant or in your own business, just provide a letter explaining what you plan to do, how much you will earn, who your potential clients will be etc.  If you do not have an employer yet and are not sure what sort of work you will do, you can apply as self-employed and notify the US Mission to UN later if you do start working for an employer.

Work permit renewal/Job change

A work permit is granted for a limited time. Make sure you start the renewal process two months before expiration. Renewal is similar to the initial application.

If you change jobs, you have to notify the office of UN HR Services/LDSD.

Note: If your annual income is above the G1 salary level, your spouse will lose some dependency allowance.