Regular membership is open to all spouses or partners of international staff member of the UN. We also offer associate membership to spouses or partners of international staff members of missions to the UN.

The current membership is US$30, valid for 12 months from the month of subscription.

"The highlight was getting to meet so many talented and interesting people. I treasure the life-long friendships, solidarity and special memories that being a part of NYLESA has made possible."

Angela Bamblett

Departed member Dec 2018 & former Chair 2012-2013


Settle into Life in NYC

  • Get insights about living in the NYC area (housing/schools/healthcare etc.)
  • Make friends and build a support network
  • Join our marketplace for goods and apartment listings
  • Take advantage of arts and cultural events in NYC

Get Career and Employment Support

  • Gain valuable information and tips about working in the US including work permit and income tax
  • Participate in our career and professional development workshops and seminars
  • Improve employability skills
  • Share your CV to the NYLESA Roster

Continue your Personal Development

  • Socialize at our NYLESA coffee and cocktail gatherings
  • Benefit from NYLESA coaching sessions
  • Improve language skills at nine language tables & access UN language courses

Promote your Business

  • Advertise your business or create partnerships with other members
  • Access exclusive services, perks and discounts offered to NYLESA members
  • Share your talents and skills by offering a workshop to our members


Contact to get more details information about becoming a member.

Members who wish to renew his/her membership can choose suitable methods of payment (see Members Only) and also submit a copy of your G4 visa to Membership Team.