Members Only

Most of the content published on this website, including discussion forums, the Welcome Pack and supporting materials are for members only. If you would like to access to all this valuable information, simply join NYLESA! NYLESA membership is open to any New York-based spouse or partner of a UN Staff member.

Why should you become a member of NYLESA?

  • Make new friends through the website and in our multiple events
  • Get career support through workshops, seminars and networking opportunites
  • Become involved with the UN community
  • Discover NYC and gain useful tips for settling and enjoying your stay
  • Make NYLESA stronger as it advocates for spouses' interests within the UN

There are three ways in which you can complete your membership application:

  1. Sign up and pay online
  1. Sign up online and mail a check
  1. Sign up online and pay by check in person

In all cases your verification document will be required, which should be emailed to These are the two accepted options:

  • Copy of your G4 Visa (if the name of your spouse or partner appears in the annotation section)
  • Copy of your UN family ID card

For more information visit the Become a Member section of our web.

The earlier you complete your Membership the sooner you will start to enjoy all the benefits of being part of this vibrant community!