Career Support Group Coordinator- Candidate Bio

Hong Xiao

I am from China and have been living in New York city for seven years.
Professionally my expertise lies in strategic and cross-cultural
communications. As an independent consultant, I’ve been advising
clients in both private and public sectors on various strategic
communications matters. In my previous professional lives, I served
McKinsey & Company as a client communications specialist as well as
worked at a national news agency as an English editor and journalist. I
was educated in both China and the UK, and have received a master’s

degree in each country. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, writing,
cooking, and traveling with my husband and our son.

If being elected, I look forward to working with other Steering
Committee members to further enhance NYLESA’s influence locally
and globally within a broader UN spouse network with a special focus
on better facilitating talented and qualified UN spouses to find
employment locally and within the UN system.

Position – Career Support Group Coordinator


New York Local Expatriate Spouse Association

is looking for the position of

Career Support Group Coordinator

who can lead the Career Support Team.

Career Support Group is one of the most important teams in NYLESA. It furthers one of NYLESA's main objectives which is to enhance spouse/partner's employability and maintain their professional careers when moving to NY. The Career Support Group Coordinator, among other tasks, is in charge of organizing activities and events for the career growth of our members.

The Career Support Group Coordinator position offers professional growth and networking opportunities.

The position is open to everyone who is a regular member of NYLESA.

Become part of our awesome team! Write to us at if you are interested.

Please check here for further details and form :


Best regards,
Tuba and Paola

NYLESAChair and Co-Chair

Long term consultancies at UNDP

Long term consultancies at UNDP


Do you want to be part of organizational transformation to lead on gender equality? Are you tired of just talking about gender mainstreaming?

Are you interested in learning about and being at the forefront of innovations in gender equality and organizational change?

If you are, please see the adverts for two exciting consultancies for the UNDP Gender Equality Seal.

The UNDP Gender Equality Seal is an innovative corporate quality assurance mechanism that measures and certifies the achievements and competence of UNDP Country Offices in advancing women's rights and gender equality. See here for more information. The Gender Team is seeking the services of 2 long-term consultants to support the Gender Equality Seal initiative during 2018 (potential extension).


UNDP is looking for a Gender Equality Seal Expert  who will bring innovation and leadership on the implementation of the next round of the Seal. He/she will be essential to providing quality assurance and coordination of each of the steps of the Seal process: including online assessments; action plans; and certifications. He/she will bring substantive technical advice on gender mainstreaming and organizational change. In addition they will lead an exciting, participatory learning and capacity building strategy for the Seal (webinars, Seal “Talks”, and global learning events. He/she will be at the forefront of identifying new opportunities and initiatives to develop and expand the Seal.

The Seal team is also looking for a Gender Equality Specialist - Country Coordinator .  He/she will be critical in supporting UNDP Country Offices to participate in the Gender Equality Seal Certification process and support Country Offices to improve gender mainstreaming. We need someone who is able to develop excellent interpersonal relationships across Country Offices, and provide high quality, tailored advice to Country Office applicants on gender mainstreaming, through one-to-one support and/or hands-on missions. He/she should have substantive technical capacity on gender equality and able to provide technical assistance to Country Offices in each of the areas of performance of the Seal: Management; Capacities; Enabling Environment; Communications and Knowledge management; Programmes/ projects; Partnerships; Results and Impact.

Interested? Visit the UNDP website and apply now!

2018 Steering Committee Candidates

Tuba Durrani - Chair Position

Tuba has already served as the Chairperson of NYLESA for the year 2017. She is from Pakistan. She is an entrepreneur and has several years of experience in local and international NGOs. In addition to an MBA with majors in Finance with Cum Laude and a double-Masters in Women and Gender Studies from UK and Hungary, she has strong understanding of the concerns, needs and issues of UN spouses – having followed her husband around the world in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. The values of UN are close to her heart. With strong communications skills, she believes in respect for others, loyalty, responsibility for personal actions, generosity and kindness.

As a member of the Steering Committee last year, I have a good understanding of the challenges that the association faces. I will be focusing more to overcome as many of those challenges as possible in 2018.

Paola Triolo - Co-Chair Position

Paola is Italian, has lived abroad for more than twenty years. She has been working in managerial positions in the non-profit, public and private sector in several countries. She holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Studies and is passionate about Environmental and Sustainable Development issues. She has managed development projects on four continents and enjoyed the challenge of working with people from all walks of life, from local farmers to heads of state. She has been a New York resident for a year now. Paola has also been acting as NYLESA Co-chairperson for the last five months and as Membership Team Coordinator for the last year.

I feel I can contribute with strategies for improving teamwork and communication among members of working group.

Eric Portas Pasqualli - Treasurer Position

I am national of Brazil and I have been working in Telecommunication Companies since 2004 mainly in the field of Revenue Assurance, Marketing and Business Intelligence. My wife started to work with UNICEF in 2014, since then we lived in Angola and now in New York City. I love to travel, discover new cultures, photography.

I am the current Treasurer, for this year I am planning to improve our budget for creation of new events and satisfaction of NYLESA members.

Nessreen Bahaa edin Abuzeid  - Career Support Coordinator Position

Nessreen moved to New York from Cairo, Egypt in 2015. She has a Master degree in Television Journalism from the American University in Cairo (AUC). She was a Senior Anchor/Correspondent at Nile TV, Egypt and a part time lecturer of Broadcast, at a Private University in Cairo. Nessreen contributed many stories to daily and weekly newspapers while, still studying at AUC. After graduating, she joined a Local Radio station in Cairo as an anchor, and later Nile TV International as an anchor/correspondent and was assigned the training of reporters. Nessreen has been Career Support Coordinator from Oct. 2017 to Mar. 2018.

I have worked on an ambitious plan for Career Support that aims at involving our members in UN activities and community service through volunteering. This will help introduce NYLESA to UN community as a professional active entity.

Shivani Berry - Communication Group Coordinator Position

I am a creative and motivated designer seeking to be part of the communications team in NYLESA. I have innate creative design skills enhanced by formal design education in NYC. I possess a wide range of design experience ranging from fashion design, in-store layout design, logo design, as well as designing marketing promotional materials such as brochures, banners etc and PR when I worked in marketing for media companies in India and London.  Furthermore, my knowledge of the Adobe Creative Cloud/ Suite and Sketch, WordPress and a Master’s in International Marketing has given me the skills and experience which I can use to assist the Marketing/Communications team.

I would love to be more actively involved with NYLESA, and work as a part of the communications team and help them achieve their communication goals for the year.

Pierre Claude Tamer - Welcoming Group Coordinator Position

Pierre is a French/Syrian Safety Adviser with over 15 years experience in both the private and non-profit sectors. He arrived in NYC in June 2017. He holds a BA in English-Arabic-English translation, 3 diplomas in humanitarian security and logistics, as well as being a graduate gemmologist and jewelry designer. Pierre started his work as a humanitarian with Lebanese refugees in Syria, and has been deployed to many countries including Afghanistan, South Sudan, and the DRC since. He speaks French, English and Arabic. Having travelled constantly over the last few years, Pierre understands the challenges and adventures that come with such a lifestyle, and is committed to supporting those newly arrived.

Coming from different cultures, and having moved around a lot, I understand that it takes different approaches to make sure everyone feels welcomed and a part of NYLESA. I will bring creativity and ideas to diversify events, and consult so that we cater to all those who are or could be members.

Touring Brooklyn’s Waste Recycling Facility

By NYLESA member Stef Stevens

Late January, we joined a tour organized by NYLESA’s own tour-leader to the SIMS waste recycling facility in Brooklyn.

We were all amazed to find out how everything worked. The facility, opened in 2013, is a state of the art recycling plant that receives the contents of all the residential recycling bins of the entire city of New York. Through an ingenious separation process which uses sifters, filters, magnets, cameras and airflow, recyclables are sorted into separated flows of different types of plastic, metals and glass. At the end of the separation process each material is pressed into large blocks. These blocks are then transported to specialized factories as a source material for production processes or for further recycling.

Considering that every bottle, can, plastic tray or milk carton and such thrown somewhere in the city into a recycling bin ends up at this facility, the initially huge looking plant seems however rather disappointing in size for such a metropolis as New York.

This visit motivated me to go online and look up some data on waste generation and recycling percentages in New York City. Regarding the generation of waste, this city amazes me in a negative sense. The convenience searching behavior has gone so far in this city that very few people think twice when ordering another single use cup, food-container or utensil even when they drink or eat at the establishment.

It is estimated that New York City generates a mind boggling 11,000 metric tons of domestic and institutional waste and 13,000 tons of commercial waste per day. In New York City only 17% of household waste is recycled and most of the remaining waste is trucked out to landfills far outside the city (including other states like PA, OH & VA) at considerable cost (approximately 300 million USD annually) and environmental impact. The potential for recycling is of course much, much higher than the 17% and much can be gained by raising this percentage.

There are a number of promising initiatives in the city to raise awareness and encourage people to recycle, but New Yorkers are creatures of habit and behavioral changes tend to take a long time. Doing a tour of the waste recycling facility in Brooklyn is an excellent way to make people aware of the scale of the waste problem in the city and to initiate behavioral change; I can totally recommend a visit. On the ‘Education’ part of the SIMS website you can find information opening hours and tours.

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