About Us

NYLESA is an association for Spouses and Partners of geographically mobile international UN Staff members living in and around New York.

NYLESA Brochure 2018NYLESA’s purpose is to address all issues affecting New York-based spouses and partners, particularly those related to integration and employment while in the United States. It was established as part of  the UN Dual Career and Staff Mobility Programme (UN DC&SM). This programme grew from the 2004 Joint Guidance Note on the Employment of Expatriate Spouses by UNDG. Read also LESAs a Global Briefing 2010.

Currently there are 9 LESAs (Local Expatriate Spouse Associations) across the world in different UN Duty station countries.

NYLESA’s Objectives are:

  • promoting spouse/partner employment within and outside the international civil service;
  • enhancing spouse/partner employability and maintenance of professional careers;
  • assisting spouses/partners to settle and enjoy life in New York City and its surrounding area;
  • to become a strong and effective advocate and liaison between spouses/partners and organizations employing international civil servants in New York;
  • to contribute to the development of a network of like-minded associations around the world.

NYLESA is governed by its members at General Meetings. Annual General Meeting (AGM) is organized during the first quarter of the year and others during the year when needed.

NYLESA is managed by the Steering Committee, elected annually at the AGM. The Steering Committee consists of a chair, a co-chair, a treasurer and coordinators of a working groups.

Please read more about NYLESA in the By-laws document.